Telecommunications is increasingly more important in our lives. We want to communicate with more frequency, speed and quality and preferably from every device. This complicates the work of the operators, that should grow, improve their systems without neglecting profitability.

We offer the organizations in this sector a series of software solutions that allow them to automate many of their tasks, improving the offered service as well as diminishing the costs. These are solutions that integrate all their needs, from their internal management (inventory, human resources), through their sales and post-sales process (commercial action, budgeting, installation, facturation, incidences) to other tasks (juridical interventions, project management, etc).

More efficient fieldwork with our portal for installers

Our solutions cover the standard needs of every enterprise (purchase, sales, administration, finances, traceability, inventory management, human resources, etc), but also include modules that solve the specific needs of the enterprises in the telecommunication sector. One of the most important is the portal of investigators, a system destined to optimize the area of this personal, integrated with all the tools that they need (diagnostics, network query, facturation, etc.), the communication with the enterprise and centralizing the information in a single point.

We have the sectorial experience that we need to talk the same language as our people, understand their needs and create applications to resolve them. One of their clients is R Cable y Telecomunicaciones, the main operation of fixed telephony, mobile, payed TV and internet in Galicia. With this company we have, until today, realized 21 projects covering all the areas of their business. Also, we have realized also projects with the enterprise the publicly owned Retegal (Redes de Telecomunicación Galegas), depending on the Xunta de Galicia.

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Leading products in the telecommunications sector

We know that every organization is unique: different priorities, dimensions, resources, etc. Therefore, we offer solutions that are going to grow the same pace as our clients, prioritizing that which is the most important and with a visible return on investment in the short term. At the same time, our already created components and our technology for rapid application development allow us to start from an established base and reduce the costs and time of implementation.

These are solutions that function with success in leading enterprises that can start using them practically from the first moment. Also, we always offer the possibility to resolve specific problems, integrating with other applications and tools. We always adapt ourselves and our solutions to the needs of the client.

If you are interested in our solutions for the telecommunications sector, please contact us.

The future of the telecommunications sector

The telecommunications sector is increasingly more important in the globalized and interconnected world in which we live. Because of this rapid evolution, the operators in this sector were forced to offer services that are very similar between competitors in an increasingly more concentrated market. Therefore, the main challenge the future for these organizations to become providers of telecommunication services with a high and especially unique added value.

Organizations in this sectors are usually very large and have enormous infrastructures, that have enough capacity to offer all types of services, especially in the areas of Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities: security and vigilance, automation, monetization of facilities, management of incidences of emergencies, urban mobility, social services, leisure, etc.

In imatia, we have the required resources and experience in those areas. We have already developed many products and have been participating in many types of R&D projects, positioning ourselves as a strong technology partner for organizations in this sector.