The social sector consists of companies and public administrations that dedicate themselves to improve the quality of life the people that need support of any kind: people of old age, people with physical or psychological disabilities and people in risk of social exclusion.

These organizations deal with human beings, whose behavior is not always predictable; as well as challenges in any organization: scattered information, discoordination, paperwork, etc. This eventually leads to the workers leading a significant part of the their time in realizing repetitive work of management and planning, instead of their main preoccupation, which is helping the people.

In imatia, we have specialized software products in the social sector and tested with success in different enterprises and administrations. Products that besides have been developed in collaboration with this type of entities with the purpose of understanding their daily lives and needs. In this form we have been able to create special information systems through for this type of organizations, that permit them to save work in the tasks of management and offering personalized attention to every person.

Action planning and the management of centers

Our main solution for this sector includes with the modules of Planning Centered on the Person and the Plan of Personal Development. Thanks to this, it is possible to include all the information on the valuation of users, performance plans, objectives, tracking and evaluation in the solution, as well as all tasks related to the management of the centers (purchases, sales, administration, finance, traceability, inventory management, etc).

We have the sectorial experience needed to talk the same language as our clients, understand their needs and create applications that resolve those needs. Our product called +Integra, developed with our partner Algalia, has been implemented to multiple nonprofit organizations which focus themselves on people with a handicap, such as an intellectual disability, cerebral damage, mental illness, etc.: Aspaber, Centro San Xerome Emiliani, Aceesca, Alento, Asociación Pauta, Fundación Apascovi, Autismo Burgos, Artefios, A toda vela, Asociación Avelaiña, Aspanex y Asociación Juan XXIII. On the area of Public Administration, we have a solution for the integral management of social services of some of the Galician municipalities of larger size such as Vigo, Santiago de Compostela and Ourense.

  • Asociación Juan XXIII
  • aspanex
  • Asociación Avelaíña
  • A toda vela
  • Autismo Burgos
  • Asociación Pauta
  • alento
  • aceesca

Leading products in the social sector

We know that every organization is unique: different priorities, dimensions, resources, etc. Therefore, we offer solutions that are going to grow the same pace as our clients, prioritizing the most important and with a visible return on investment in the short term. At the same time, our already created components and our technology for rapid application development allow us to start based on an established base and reduce the costs and time of implementation.

These are solutions that function with success in leading enterprises that can start using them practically from the first moment. Also, we always offer the possibility to resolve specific problems, integrating with other applications or tools. We always adapt ourselves and our solutions to the needs of the client.

If you are interested in our solutions for the social sector, please contact us.

The future of the social sector

Due to demographic reasons it seems evident that the services of care for people with needs will increase in the future. Therefore, the companies, administrations and the society in general, need tools that allow them to help those people in the best possible way and realizing an efficient use of the available resources.

In imatia, we have decided to respond to those needs by using a line of research aimed at social service on demand. We talk about a set of projects that have as goal to change the current model of assistance, focussing mainly on two aspects: transform the role of the person receiving assistance in order to convert them in true applicants, and introduce the tools needed to permit the online access to these services.

On of these projects is Senior TV, the first European project granted to imatia, together with six other companies from other European countries. The objective is to create a technology for Smart TV and mobile devices that offer a series of services to improve the quality of life of people of older age, and does so in a simple manner and with low costs. These services will be centered in the active prevention and the maintenance of relations with friends, family and the community.