Achieve more agility in business software development


We make all our experience, sector knowledge, technologies, and human resources available to companies and public administrations to fulfil their needs and help them to be more rapid and efficient in the most important aspects of their businesses.

In collaboration with these organizations, we look for the most appropriate way to address each case, either by using our resources or theirs, and under our direction or that of the client. These are the types of software where we have experience:

  • Capture and manipulation of information: solutions that allow data to be captured and stored in a database, usually relational, through graphical user interfaces. With this, complex business rules, transactions, data analysis, indicators, reports, and more are done using the data.

  • Automation of processes: in addition to capturing and manipulating information, these solutions allow the automatic coordination of a sequence of tasks to be performed by people or machines within an organization.

  • Mobile applications: specially designed to support people who perform out of office tasks such as field work, commercial tasks, different tasks within a warehouse, and more.

  • Peripheral applications: for companies that already have enterprise systems such as SAP, but need support for processes that are not served by those systems or need to be carried out in a very tedious way. These applications focus on optimizing specific processes and connecting with existing enterprise systems, which can also be multiple. They can also perform integration functions.

  • Systems integration platforms: certain solutions require exchanging information with several systems within the same company or externally to optimize tasks or decision making. To do this, it is necessary to implement a platform that provides transparent and uniform access to all systems involved.


Tell us what you need and we will take care of the development

One of our most common services is the management and execution of customized software development projects, in which we assume all the technical responsibility.

Customers who ask us for this type of service prefer not to embark on the long and expensive process of creating their own development team, especially when it may be a one-time project. We act as an external IT department for these organizations; providing our qualified personnel, experience, technology, sector knowledge, and work methodologies. This allows you to focus on business process innovation and being more efficient.

In addition, we have internally developed architectures, components, and frameworks which we can use to reduce the time and investment necessary to develop a new product. Alternatively, should the client wish, we can always use market standards that best suit the needs of the client.

There are four specific types of projects in which we have experience:

  • Development of innovative solutions for internal use: These are organizations that want to innovate in their business processes through a solution that helps them improve their work processes.

  • Development of commercial products: We help other companies to develop new software products that they want to market.

  • Modernization of legacy applications: Many organizations, for different reasons, work with applications that have become outdated and no longer adequately serve business needs. However, these applications, known as legacy applications; continue to be of vital importance to its users as the operations of the company are built on it. To make the system useable and maintainable, they must be migrated to more modern technologies. This problem does not only occur in companies that use this type of applications, but also in those that develop and maintain them.

  • Design and implementation of a corporate development platform: This is a very specialized type of project in which we help other organizations that develop software to establish a base for the development of their applications including the architecture, corporate framework, methodology, and more. Even if you have the necessary structure and personnel within the company, developing professional software is not easy. You need to be agile and efficient, and to do this you need to provide programmers with the tools that allow them to be be so. At Imatia we are mainly dedicated to software development, so we very familiar with these problems. To solve them, we created our own framework which we use to develop most of our applications. This framework allows our programmers to be more efficient, and to create applications on a strong and stable base. It also is easy to use, takes advantage of the most popular technologies, and is designed for the long term. This experience has allowed us to specialize in the development of corporate frameworks for other companies. With their help we create frameworks that adapt to their development needs, we help them with implementation, we train their technicians, and we give them support so they can get the most out of their new technology.


We work together with you to create the software that you need

These are software development projects in which the client wants to share the work with us, usually delegating the development part to us and assuming the organizational and administrative part themselves, or alternatively forming mixed teams.

These companies, whose business is not always directly related to the technologies, not only need an integrated team of software professionals but also a partner that can manage the team with experience in this type of projects.

They can have their own development tools and methodologies or can choose to use ours, but they are clear that they want to focus on the key aspects of their business and delegate the coordination and supervision of the technology part of the project to one of our managers, or Scrum Masters, in the form of leasing services.


We provide the people you need for your projects

Some clients prefer to take full responsibility for their projects, both at a business level and technically, but they need qualified personnel to help them execute them. This is either because they do not have enough staff or because they do not have the necessary experience in certain areas of technology or industry sectors. In any case, we take care of selecting and training those personnel to be incorporated into your team, full-time or part-time during the duration of your project, in the form of service provision.

It is important to have the right people for your projects, and that is why at Imatia we take responsibility for the professionalism of our staff, their qualifications for the project in question, and their compliance with good practices. We not only hire talented people, but we also minimize our staff turnover by continually ensuring their professional development, making sure that they are satisfied with their work, and making sure that they are receiving the appropriate direction during the projects. In this way, we enrich the work teams of our clients when they need it, under their leadership, with their technologies and way of doing business.

In some projects we not only participate in development, but also provide specialized personnel in different areas:

  • Project management: The objective is to help clients coordinate the execution of their technology projects, ensuring compliance with the scope, term, and budget; as well as aspects related to quality, safety, and the application of methodologies and good practices. These are companies with their own technology resources and qualified personnel who want to direct their projects and follow their own standards, but who need our help in developing their experience in carrying them out and ensuring that everything is going well, including delegating responsibility for deadlines to our mangers, milestones, and more. R&D is included in this area, where we contribute our extensive experience executing this type of project, not only in its management but also in the crucial initial phases, especially the application for subsidies.

  • Problem analysis: In this type of project, we help our clients to identify and define the requirements of new software development project.

  • Implementation and integration of existing solutions: We collaborate with the client in the installation, configuration, and startup of one or more existing solutions or newly custom developed solutions, as well as their integration with the solutions already implemented. It can also include data migration and consolidation.

  • Quality management: We help our clients to ensure that their solutions work correctly, whether by conducting periodic tests or by providing them with a strategy.


Benefit from our experience in Angular and Java

We have the necessary expertise to help organizations that have their own development teams but need help in the application of technologies or business processes. We can help them define how they will work, what tools they will use, with what methodology, and more.

We help this type of organization to identify needs or opportunities within their business, and where the implementation of new development tools and methodologies would allow them to improve their results. For many of them this presents a challenge, either because of the complexity of the problem to solve or because they have no experience in the software world.

Our technicians, specialists in the design of technological solutions for various sectors, can offer important help in this regard; both in the selection of the most appropriate development tools and methodologies for the needs of your business, and in their implementation. This is a key element of digital transformation because it requires identifying new ways of working that benefit from the possibilities offered by new technologies. We mainly have expertise in Java (backend and frontend) and Angular (frontend), two of the most popular development technologies.

Within this type of service is also team training, aimed at companies that need to form a new development team or re-train an existing one. We offer the basic technology (framework/platform) for the development and the training of existing personnel, both in technical and organizational aspects (Scrum), as well as the recruitment, training and supervision of new technicians.

Finally, it is important to highlight the importance of having effective development operations (DevOps) and ensuring business continuity. We offer all our experience in fulfilling these tasks common in the day to day of our company, such as ensuring the creation of backup copies or identifying and correcting bugs, among many others.


Warranty that your applications are working properly

Support services are aimed at organizations that need to ensure the proper functioning of an existing application, mainly when it is used by many users or is of vital importance.

Within technical support, in addition to the maintenance of the applications, there are other very important tasks for any company, such as testing. This task must be carried out periodically by qualified personnel, since good testing is a requirement to ensure that the applications developed by the organization meet the quality levels established by the organization.

To request any of our services or more information, fill out this form and we will contact you to arrange a meeting with our technicians.