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Develop high quality business software up to 10 times faster

We offer you a technology that will allow you to develop and maintain all your applications in less time, with less effort and in a more orderly fashion. Its name is Ontimize and it’s the technology that we use at Imatia in most of our products and custom development projects.

It’s a corporate framework that’s based on standard and open technologies (Java & Angular stacks) that provides your organization with the architecture, components and tools it needs to create high quality applications, without having to do a lot of the routine work that’s usually involved. Instead of starting from scratch, Ontimize allows you to build on top of a pattern that includes the functionality that is commonly required by any professional application, but can take up to 90% of the total development effort. This common base not only saves you time, but also makes your applications more uniform, making it easier to maintain them or train users, amongst other advantages. By following its declarative approach and our expert advice, Ontimize will allow you to build applications designed to last for many years and easily adapt to technological changes. Furthermore, since it is free and open-source, your future dependency on us will be minimal.

Powerful, beautiful and easy to use

Applications built using Ontimize provide a plethora of advanced features by default and do this in a way that is elegant and easy to use, allowing you to meet and exceed the expectations of your users. This is achieved consistently, on every screen of every application, without extra work from your developers, and without a extra cost to your organization.

After having been used to develop hundreds of applications for all types of sectors, Ontimize has been optimized to balance the needs of power users with the simplicity required by newcomers, providing a clean user interface with the right balance of colors and highlights, while maximizing performance and minimizing response times.

As users become more advanced, they intuitively learn how to filter, sort and group query results; design their own queries, forms, graphs, reports and pivot tables, and share them with other users; copy results to Excel; attach documents; capture data from external web services; access document repositories; view data on maps; define smart alerts; change the layout of existing screens and reports; define user permissions; manage languages and much more.


Based on standards

With huge corporations such as Google, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and others contributing to open-source and standards communities, it makes all the sense in the world to let them do the heavy lifting. Our team is constantly evaluating these new technologies to select those that better adapt to our needs and show a larger promise of continued support. This can be tricky because there a too many alternatives and fads come and go, sometimes in a period of 2 or 3 years, while business software must last for 10 to 15 years.

For the back-end our current choice is the Java EE platform, the Spring Framework and Docker. For the front-end, we use the Angular Framework for web/mobile applications and Java Swing/FX for desktop applications. We also integrate interesting technologies such as Jasper for reporting,  jBPM for workflow, Geoserver and Leaflet for maps and many other components.

These are very popular technologies that most developers already know, making training and recruiting much easier. However, these are still general purpose technologies and building large applications on top of them requires a lot of work and coordination.

Ontimize is presented as a set of advanced components that provide the functionality normally required by complex business applications (data manipulation, search, reporting, analisis…). By using these components developers save a huge amount of time, make less errors and provide a great user experience.


Developing software using general purpose programming languages provides a lot of flexibility but can be very tedious when we need to provide the same functionality, over and over again, for hundreds of user screens and web services.

Frameworks like Spring and Angular support both programmatic and declarative development. Declarative development favours configuration over coding, allowing developers to build applications as a combination of predefined components that can be instanced, parameterized and customized for multiple uses. In essence, the idea is to let developers declare what they want the application to do, without having to code a detailed program specifying how that must be achieved. This saves a lot of development time and makes applications easier to maintain and port to new technologies, especially if these declarations are made in a markup language such as XML or HTML that can be easily parsed and transformed.

Ontimize provides a broad set of components that can be easily instanced in Spring and Angular; covering graphical user interfaces, security, persistence, business logic, integration with other systems and much more. Since these frameworks already support declarative programming, Ontimize components can be easily combined with other component sets and in occasions are built on top of them. For desktop applications Ontimize supports the FXML format for JavaFX and a proprietary XML format for Java Swing.

Ontimize provides tools that allow developers to graphically design screens, graphs, reports, data services, business rules and processes. It also provides tools that allow developers to migrate their declarations from one technology to another, making their software much more portable and extending its life cycle.


For professional developers with users in mind

Ontimize is not a zero-code or RAD environment. Developers still code, but they focus on building the functionality that provides a differential value to users. This could be new graphical components or the extension of existing ones, connectors to other systems or advanced algorithms. Instead of having to find workarounds when they need a different functionality than what is provided by default, developers are free to override or extend the behaviour of any component, and since they have full access to a well documented source code, they can easily figure out how the default component works. Developers also maintain their exposure to popular technologies and development tools, ensuring their future employability and minimizing vendor lock-in. Developers are free to use their favorite tools, including popular IDEs such as Eclipse or Visual Studio Code, as well as DevOps tools such as Maven, Sonar and Jenkins.

Ontimize is for developers that like to code, but more than anything love creating awesome business applications that bring enormous value to their users and customers.


One of the main headaches for many product owners is making sure that their software is secure and complies with the audits imposed by their customers. This is especially challenging when large teams of developers participate in the process and multiple technologies must be integrated. Ontimize is designed in way that security is implemented at the framework level and does not rely on having the developers implement best practices. Since hundreds of Ontimize applications are continually being audited, any loopholes or weaknesses are quickly detected and corrected by our team. Ontimize also provides auditing and control mechanisms by default, so security or performance issues can be easily identified.


Free, with our support and partnership

Ontimize is totally free and open-source, so you won’t have to pay us any type of run-time license or royalty for building and distributing applications that use it. We invest in developing this technology because we believe in simplifying software development and share this with others because we know that this creates new business opportunities for us, as well as for our partners and customers. It also makes our work more rewarding, because we can quickly see the impact of our efforts. In our view, the real value is in creating innovative solutions that solve problems and improve people’s lives.

We do charge for our development, training and support services. Thanks to these, we can help you scale your team during the most intensive phases of product development, as well as with architecture, DevOps, security and usability, and in general accompany you during the whole product life cycle. Hopefully, we will become a trusted innovation partner and the R&D team that you’ve always wanted to have.

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If you are going to use Ontimize professionally, it is very likely that you will need some of our additional services: support, training, integration or customized development of modules and components, among others. Contact us to request more information about our rates.