The production of industrial goods is strongly influenced by the introduction of new processes and technologies that allow for the reduction of costs and the shortening of deadlines without compromising the quality of the final products. Industrial production is a very wide and varied sector, consisting of large organizations with a lot of factories and sufficient capacity to innovate. These are companies that prefer to only focus on their core business and would like to implement tools of a similar quality that similar organizations also have.

In imatia we have software products specialized in this sector and which have been tested with success in different organizations. This software allows for the automation some of the more common processes in the production, from the planning to the tracing of working orders. Additionally, we have the technological assets and personnel qualification to analyse every situation and help the organization in this sector to develop systems with a high level of innovation that allow them to differentiate themselves to their competition.

Software that allows you to do more with less

With other management applications it is needed to do a separate cut for every article that needs to be produced. Our configurator of articles facilitates this task enormously and allows for the automatic calculation of costs, necessities, prices and discounts. This functionality gives small and medium enterprises the opportunity to be more efficient in their production with an application that resolves its more prioritized needs and does so with a greater return of investment.

We have the acquired the necessary sectorial experience in order to be able to talk the same language as our customers, to understand their needs and to create applications that resolve those needs. Organizations that produce different products such as industrial cooling equipment (Exkal), pipelines (ABN Pipe), metalwork (Industrial Recense and Teim), equipment the efficient use and saving of energy (Efibat), preserves (Cerdeimar) or wooden articles (Ingemega). Further, we have experience helping to fulfill these types of needs in organizations in the textile sector such as Egatex, Selmark, Oky-Coky, Naffta, Paz Rodríguez, Varón, etc.

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Leading products on the area of production management

Production is a common activity in a lot of organization and in order to cover this, we offer a variety of modules and tools that integrate themselves with the other areas of the business as well. One of the great advantages of our solutions for this sector is their capacity to automate the calculation of the needs of buying and production: the enterprise defines the parameters of the articles that will be produced and from that moment on it is the system that is responsible in automatic form and in real time for the realization of the cuts of the same and calculate these needs, based on the orders and the different types of established stock. On the other hand, it is a very flexible software, that can be introduced during the tracing all types of unplanned changes.

These are solutions that function with success in leading enterprises and that can be started to use practically from the moment of its acquisition. In any case, we always offer the possibility to resolve specific problems and to integrate our solutions with other applications or tools and definitely finally adapt ourselves to the needs of every separate client.


Want to know more about our solutions for the manufacturing sector?

The future of the manufacturing sector

The arrival of the fourth industrial revolution will cause a drastic change in this sector in a very small period. ‘Industry 4.0’ consists of a new productive model for completely digital and automated factories.

Our solutions cover a lot of the characteristics that define a new model: massive personalization of articles, automatic production planning, real-time data capture etc. Also, we are active in projects related to the other pillars of Industry 4.0, such as the system for the detection of movements (RFID), the automation of those movements in factory (AGV´s) and the automation of the logistic processes.

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