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We offer you a platform that brings together everything you need to optimize the logistics operations associated with your online sales, from the shipment of products to their possible return, through transport management. Precisely in this last aspect we incorporate very innovative solutions that will allow you to save costs, be more agile in the shipping process and offer a better service to the consumer, which is fundamental in an increasingly competitive market in which companies of all sectors are already selling online.

But if there is something essential in this platform, it is that all the solutions that compose it are integrated and in the cloud (SaaS). The information is continually updated in real time and is shared among all the applications of your company that intervene in the transport of your online sales (such as the online store, ERP, or delivery points), as well as with the systems of the carriers. Always with maximum security and confidentiality.

  • Platform in the cloud (SaaS).
  • Carrier selection based on rules.
  • Integration with ERP, warehouse (WMS) and online store.
  • Communication integrated with the courier system.
  • Modern user interface (HTML5, responsive).
  • Support for mobile devices.

Show your customers the estimated delivery time

Give your customers the option to select between different delivery times for their orders, with their respective rates. Our solution estimates this data of vital importance for the client taking into account all the administrative processes (such as detection of fraud and prevention of resale), warehouse operations (own or third parties) and the agreements established with each courier.

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seleccion transportista

Choose the best carrier for each shipment

Add to your online sales the possibility of working with more than 300 transport companies around the world, easily, without development and with continually updated information. Be fast and flexible even if you work with large volumes and several couriers in the same shipment, especially during periods of sales spikes (such as Black Friday or Christmas). In addition, the system automatically determines which are the most suitable carriers for each shipment, depending on the places of origin and destination, the dimensions of the order, the dates, and even taking into account the history of orders processed with each courier and the possible registered incidents.

Generate valid labels for any courier

Reduce costs, time and errors associated with the generation of labels for transport. Print your own labels in the different formats (bar code or similar) required by the carriers, eliminating the intermediate step of having to deliver a file with the data of the shipment and have them generate these labels. In addition, this system allows printing a single label with different codes, in the case several couriers intervening during the same transport, something that is usual in the case of international shipments or periods of peak sales. Combine that with the added advantage that the labels have a general format adapted to your brand image, fully customizable.

Facilitate the tracking of shipments

Give your customers the possibility of tracking their orders, with complete information and in the simplest way possible. This aspect is increasingly important for consumers, who want to know where their order is and when they will receive it. Nowadays, the vast majority of carriers give this information, but the problem is that each one has its own system of consultation, which makes it difficult for the seller to integrate this information in their online store and offer it to consumers. With this solution it becomes trivial, since the data provided by the carriers are received on our platform in the cloud and shown in real time in the seller's online store, without the need to integrate one-to-one with other consultation systems.

Manage the delivery and return points

It facilitates the collection and return of your customers orders online, enabling the highest possible number of delivery points. Many customers prefer to pick up their orders instead of receiving them at home, mainly to save shipping costs. In the case of companies with physical and online stores, this type of sale is known as omnichannel and allows many possibilities such as testing the products before buying them, ordering sizes or models not available in store or making additional purchases at the time of collection. In other cases, the carriers make available to the receivers’ delivery points located in all types of associated business premises. Our platform allows you to integrate all these points and display them in your online store at the time of sale, thus improving customer service.

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logistica inversa

Do reverse logistics without complications

Have available of all the advantages of our platform when you have to make a return. It is key when making good online sales, such as being able to backtrack without generating any complications to the client, since a bad experience can be very negative. Customers need to have the confidence that if they are not satisfied with their order, they can return it or change it as easily as they bought it. To do this, the solution allows the generation of return labels, collection requests and tracking the return of orders.

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Ready to use solutions

Choose a solution that resolves your main logistic needs related to online sales, which is already implemented in other companies similar to yours and that allows you to move forward without needing to innovate technologically. A solution designed for the long term that is highly configurable, that allows you to continually prioritize what is important, and that integrates easily with your other applications.

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Custom development services

We provide you with the experience, industry knowledge, technology and human resources necessary to develop the solution you need to be more agile and more effective in the critical aspects of your business. Contact us and request a meeting with our technicians to study your company’s case.