The current market demands increasingly more potent logistic structures that enable the enterprises to be more agile in its sales processes and also to have a great control of its inventory. This is mainly because of two factors: the elimination of fiscal and legal barriers in global commerce, that allow us today to buy and sell in every part of the world, and on the other hand, an increasingly high turnover of stocks, as a result of the current consumption model.

This forces organizations to continuously adapt their supply chains, by implementing new process and technologies and by improving and innovating existing ones. All this to be able to adapt itself to the rapid pace that the market demands and manage grand volumes, without losing control or increasing costs.

imatia offers these organizations all they need in order to be efficient in their logistic processes, improving the management from the warehousing to the transport. These are processes that help to automate the maximum possible, reducing costs and execution time.

Simplify the tasks of the warehouse

Logistics is a standard aspect in many organizations and to cover this, we offer a series of modules and tools that integrate themselves with the management of the rest of the business areas. Additionally, our solutions allow for the automation of a great number of tasks that take place in the warehousing and help to make those more efficient: tickets, departures, supervision, orders, pricing, labor mobility, etc., through a management by processes and based on business rules. Also, it is possible to manage the use of machines, trajectories and locations in automated and monitored warehouses.
Furthermore, a multitude of functionalities related to the management of vehicle fleets and transport routes are included, such as vehicle inventory, reservations, fuel supply, tachographs, etc.

We have the sectorial experience that is needed to talk the same language as our clients, understand their needs at a productive level and create applications that resolve those needs. One of those sectors is the textile sector, in which we have worked with a huge multinational developing a platform that manages the transport of all orders received through their online shops, all over the world. For other enterprises of this same sector, such as Blanco, Nanos or the Ecuadorian Marathon Sports we have developed different system for the warehouse management picking and following of orders. We also have experience in the management of automated warehouses for industrial enterprises, such as is the case of ABN Pipe in the production of tubes and in the commercial logistics of products and services of telecommunications, such as R Cable. In the area of road transport we have collaborated in several projects related to digital tachographs and the management of transports for clients such as the Ministry of Development, the National Factory of Money and Stamps, Consultrans and Openservices.

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Leading products in the logistic and supply management

We know that every enterprise is unique with different priorities, dimensions, resources, etc. Therefore we offer solutions that grow at the same rate as our clients, prioritizing the most important and with a visible return on investment on the short term. On the other hand, our already created components and our technology for the rapid development allowing us to start from an established base and reducing the costs and time of implementation.

These are solutions that function with success in leading enterprises and that can be used practically from the moment of their installation. In any case, we always offer the possibility to resolve specific problems, integrating our solutions with other applications and tools and finally adapt to the needs of every client.

Want to know more about our solutions for logistics?

The future of the logistic sector

This sector increasingly requires a collaborative focus in which different enterprises that are a part of every supply chain have to integrate in order to reduce the operative costs and offer a better service to the final client.

imatia is currently participating in a project in this area, with the development of a platform in the cloud that will allow for the management of the value chain in a way that is more efficient for everyone.

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