Streamline the tasks of your warehouses

For any industrial company, the management of their warehouses is fundamental, since it directly influences their response time to the demands of the market. Efficiently organizing raw materials, finished, and semi-finished products allows these companies to produce and sell more products at a higher quality. At the same time, competition pushes companies to reduce response times more and more, but this has a significant economic and organizational cost.

For all this it is important to have a solution that facilitates and speeds up the execution of all the normal tasks in industrial warehouses such as entries, exits, transfers, stock adjustments, supervision, preparation of orders, items in quarantine or consignment. A solution also allows mobile work, reduces the possibility of making mistakes, automates the decision making based on the strategies defined by the company, checks the traceability of any article that needs it, and integrates with the rest of the company’s areas, among many other things.

In addition, the inventory can provide valuable information on the current and future situation of the company, such as the valuation of its stock or knowing if it will be able to respond to the demand based on existing orders. In this way you can maximize the performance of corporate warehouses and avoid both breakages and excess stock, which are both harmful.

Control the state of your warehouses

Monitor everything that happens in your warehouses from a single point: inputs, outputs, movements, stock adjustments, and more. You can also monitor the status of your stocks, their valuation and location, and have the possibility of using all types of filters (such as by date, family, or lot) and can consider the particularities of the items in quarantine, consigned, reserved or pending receipt.


Automate the most common tasks

Automate day-to-day operations of any warehouse and establish business rules based on your strategies. Though this, the system can make automatic decisions to maintain minimum stock levels, maximum response times to orders, or output quarantined items, among other actions.

Record manual movements in a simple way

Quickly and easily record any stock movement that does not correspond to the usual process flow in your company. Enter all the entries, exits and transfers of stocks between your warehouses, sub-warehouses or locations, and register them in bulk.


Prepare your orders in less time

Save time in the preparation of orders and optimize the selection of products that compose them, thanks to the use of applications that allow the action of the picking process to be mobile (such as in tablets or PDAs) and the definition of location strategies that automatically indicate to the operators where to take each item.


Location orders

Manual movements

Stock alerts

Picking strategy

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Ready to use solutions

Choose a solution that resolves the principle needs of the industry, which is already implemented in other companies similar to yours and that allows you to move forward without needing to innovate technologically. A solution designed for the long term that is highly configurable, that allows you to continually prioritize what is important, and that integrates easily with your other applications.

· Warehouse Management System (WMS)
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Custom development services

We provide you with the experience, industry knowledge, technology and human resources necessary to develop the solution you need to be more agile and more effective in the critical aspects of your business. Contact us and request a meeting with our technicians to study your company’s case.