Streamline your sales processes

The sales process in the industry is determined by the type of products offered by each company. These can be simple and produced in large volumes, or complex and composed of many configurable parameters. In the first case, companies need to have a well-defined and automated pricing and discount policy to meet their business objectives without losing time and without making mistakes.

When it comes to configurable products, a bid preparation process must also be added between the order and the budget, since the prices vary greatly depending on the attributes selected by the client, which require materials and manufacturing processes that can vary in cost. These offers are usually made by specialized technicians, who must carry out a breakdown of each product to calculate the final price. In the case of online commerce, this lack of immediacy eliminates the possibility of offering a budget instantaneously, which leads to losing customers in an increasingly important sales channel.

Fortunately, today we have the necessary technology to automate these product breakdowns, as well as many other processes that are part of the sales phase of these sectors, such as managing the customer portfolio or analysing the performance of sales.

Check the status of your orders received

Through the list of orders, you can see which of them have been issued and in what percentage, as well as all the information associated to each of them: composition, customer and transport data, rates, payment and delivery conditions, waybills, invoices, and more.


Save time when applying rates and discounts

The definition of the different prices and discounts that your company works with (staggered rates or sales ranges, or general discounts per product, territory, or season) saves you time in the preparation of offers, allows you to have a central repository that is continually updated for all your staff and avoids important errors that may arise when giving the wrong price.

Simplify offer preparation

The automatic breakdown of your configurable products allows you to simplify and save time in the preparation of these types of offers and to be able to respond more quickly to customers, including those who buy via e-commerce through the online configurator. In addition, technical personnel that can provide greater value in other jobs that require more creativity are freed from this routine task.


Automate the payment of commissions

Performance indicators allow you to analyse what is being sold and how much and to whom to optimize your decision-making related to production. They also give information about who has sold the products, and the payment of commissions is automated according to the previously established volumes, saving time and avoiding errors.






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