Simplify compliance with your tax obligations

Among the main objectives of the administrative management of an industrial company are the fulfilment of tax obligations and the analysis of the situation of the company in economic terms. Although the tasks related to the first of these objectives can be largely externalized, the second of these requires proper internal management and is essential to optimize the decision making of the company's managers.

One of the most important tasks in this area is the accounting management, both in the day to day (such as entry creation or amortization), and when creating the official ledgers (Daily, Major, Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet), the unofficial ones (Sums and Balances, and Cash Flows) or the models for taxes payment (such as 303, 340, 347, 349 and 390 in Spain). All this is very laborious, and although luckily there are applications that automate some of these tasks, efficient management is not possible until they are integrated with the rest of the company's areas, thus allowing the generation of the entries automatically every time a movement happens (such as a purchase, sale, or cancellation).

In addition to those commented, there are many other issues related to accounting that must be considered, such as budget management, invoice notes, bank reconciliation (file C43 in Spain), treasury control and documentary traceability. Finally, it is worth highlighting the labour management, which consists of managing all the information related to the workers of the company, with special attention to their work schedules, which in addition to allowing the control of vacations can be used to calculate their production capacity.

Automate your accounting management

Manage your business accounting comprehensively, automatically generating the corresponding entries to your purchase and sales movements, and with documentary traceability regarding them. Create and modify your chart of accounts (large company or SME), and consult your entries and accounting ledgers in detail, with the possibility of establishing all types of filters.


Analyze the evolution of your budgets and amortizations

Assign budgetary allocations to any of your sub-accounts and amortization groups to your fixed assets. Compare the evolution of your monthly and annual budgets with respect to real data and manage your amortizations in detail (such as dates of registration/discharge, associated invoices, or locations).

Manage all your accounting books, taxes and reports

Consult, modify, print or generate the official digital version, both mandatory accounting ledgers (Daily, Major, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet), as well as tax declaration models and others for internal analysis (Sums and Balances and Cash Flow).


Manage information about your employees and companies

Manage all the relevant information about your employees (such as contracts, training, or vacation days) and companies (such as bank accounts, client and supplier portfolios, departments, or commercial divisions). In addition, speed up the insertion of the corresponding entries to the payment of payroll, thanks to the use of templates.



List of entries

Balance Sheet


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