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Solutions for more efficient and more flexible manufacturing

All companies dedicated to manufacturing are currently confronting the same challenge: the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, has arrived. This revolution is a new way of organising the methods of production, led by the establishment of smart factories equipped with the latest information technologies. This process is already underway and requires all manufacturing companies to transform themselves if they don’t want to be left behind in this technological revolution and become outmoded and uncompetitive compared to their competition.

The principle advantage of smart factories is that they permit a large degree of optimisation in production processes, reducing costs and increasing the competitiveness of the company. Smart factories allow for digitalisation and automation of many repetitive or previously manual tasks, improves the communication and coordination between staff and machines, and gives management teams the information they need to optimise their decisions.

Imatia offers solutions that allow you implement smart manufacturing and enter Industry 4.0 at your own pace that eases the transition for your staff and ensures return on your investment. We help to you analyse which of your processes are the most important and help you to improve their execution with the objective of not only improving your bottom line, but also improving the flexibility of your production systems in order to adapt more easily to changes in the market.

These are some of the functionalities that are included with our solutions for the industry:

Product configurator

Product configurator

While other management applications require you to manually input a breakdown for each product you want to manufacture, our product configurator greatly eases this task and allows for automated calculation of costs, needs, prices and discounts. This functionality gives small and medium sized companies the opportunity to be more efficient in their production and more agile in their preparation of offers.
Automatic proposals

Automatic proposals

The solution continually proposes production orders more suitable in function of the current materials and exiting orders, calculating automatically and in real-time the subcomponents necessary to produce each product. The company is continually presented with the option to accept or reject these proposals, and they provide an important time saving element in decision making.

Purchase estimation

Purchase estimation

By using the production necessities and previously defined minimum stock policy, the solution automatically calculates the what materials and in what quantities are needed to purchase in order to satisfy the current demand, and has the ability to create automatic purchases based on this. This saves company time and avoids stock breaks.
Complete ERP

Complete ERP

Comprehensive management system for all processes involved an industrial company, including administrative tasks such as invoices, collections, finance, accounting, and human resources. Fully automating these routine management processes allows the company to be more agile, and to allocate more time and resources to higher value tasks.

Commercial management

Commercial management

Those responsible for the commercial area and the sales force have tools that allow them to be more effective and improve the communication of the company with its current or potential customers: customer registration, opportunity management, planning of commercial actions such as visits and promotions, performance analysis, and calculation and payment of commissions.
Data analysis

Data analysis

Tools for the analysis of all the information collected in real time by the solutions through tables, graphs, reports, and more. It allows managers to have a global perspective of the set of production plants to how the processes are being carried out, what and how much is being produced, with what quality, and at what cost. This helps in understanding what is working, to what extent, and how to improve decision making.

They all put their trust in us

We have the necessary sector experience to speak the same language as our clients, understand their needs at a production level, and create applications that solve them. We have worked with companies that manufacture products as diverse as industrial refrigeration equipment (Exkal), pipes (ABN Pipe), metalworking (Industrial Recense and Teim), equipment for efficiency and energy saving (Efibat), preserves (Cerdeimar), and wood products (Ingemega). In addition, we have experience helping to solve the needs of textile companies such as Egatex, Selmark, Oky-Coky, Naffta, Paz Rodríguez, Varón, and more.

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How can we help you?

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Ready to use solutions

Choose a solution that resolves the principle needs of the industry, which is already implemented in other companies similar to yours and that allows you to move forward without needing to innovate technologically. A solution designed for the long term that is highly configurable, that allows you to continually prioritize what is important, and that integrates easily with your other applications.

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Custom development services

We provide you with the experience, industry knowledge, technology and human resources necessary to develop the solution you need to be more agile and more effective in the critical aspects of your business. Contact us and request a meeting with our technicians to study your company’s case.