Imatia specializes in rapid software development for companies and public administrations. We position ourselves not only as a provider of custom solutions, but also as a technology partner and an "external RD&I department".

The innovation has been a fundamental part of imatia since its beginnings in 2005. Imatia was spun off from the University of Vigo, where it was originally an Information Technologies R&D group lead by Fernando Vázquez. Examples of this innovation are the many partnerships established over the years with information technology consultants, integrators and software companies; as well as IT departments of large companies. This strategy, combined with strong and continual investment in R&D, has allowed Imatia to quickly acquire significant prestige as a technology at home and abroad.

This commitment towards innovation has led to the development of a powerful technology for rapid application development, called ontimize. Ontimize allows for the extremely efficient development of high-quality business applications. Not only serving as the basis for our own development efforts, we also offer this technology to interested parties that have a need to develop high-quality applications, either for internal use or distribution. Ontimize is open-source, which facilitates its uptake and reduces its dependency on the supplier.

Many of the projects undertaken by Imatia are performed in cooperation with large companies and public administrations, all of which contribute important knowledge regarding their specific sector. Examples include energy power distribution, road transport, railways, renewable energy, telecommunications and eGovernment. The development of these projects has given Imatia strong sector-specific expertise. It has also allowed us to quickly gain experience in our software solutions for companies (Elastic Business), and governments (Cividas); both of which are targeted towards customers that don’t want the custom solutions required by large firms, nor want to design their software from scratch.

After having consolidated our presence in the Spanish market, Imatia’s current goals are to further continue our internationalization, promote our wide range of solutions, and innovate in those sectors in which we already have experience. We have an eye to the future, while meeting the current needs; we are always eager for innovation and making the most out of our partners’ resources. Imatia: helping you do more.