Maximize the profitability of your production

From the point of view of the brand, the most important thing during textile production is to have exhaustive control over all the processes that occur in this phase, whether it is done internally or if it is an outsourced service. Having a scorecard with information about what is happening in each workshop, at what stage each garment is (cutting, assembly, finishing…) or what is the productivity of each operator allows the brand to have a global vision. It allows to know your current situation regarding the expected delivery times and improve your decision making.

Apart from control, it is equally important to automate some of the decisions that are made in this phase, specifically those related to production and service orders. While production fluctuates according to available resources; deliveries must occur with very specific dates, quantities, and conditions. For this reason, knowing what to produce and deliver is never an easy decision, since it depends on many variables: available materials, finished garments, need to deliver complete orders or not, what garments that are at stake, among others. Automation of these decisions saves a lot of time, improves efficiency and avoids human errors.

But production includes many more issues than those already mentioned, some of them related to other areas: quality controls, waybills, invoicing, liquidations, or shipments; among many others. All of which require the control, standardization and optimization of all production processes, if this is done internally. It is important to cover all these functions in a global way, with a single application that allows working with mobility and on centralized processes.

Monitor all your productive processes

The brand can quickly view the status of their internal and external production, controlling the productivity of their workshops and operators, the quality of the garments and their location within the production chain, among other advantages.


Optimize your production orders

The solution proposes the most appropriate production orders continuously, which depends on the existing materials and orders. It does this automatically and in real time, and calculates the material necessary to produce each garment. The brand has the option to accept or reject these proposals, which provides time saving in decision making.

Improve the efficiency of your operators in mobility

Our solutions allow operators to work with mobility within workshops, allowing the input and display of information in real time through all kinds of devices (such as PDAs, Tablets, or Smartphones). This avoids time lost and errors from performing tasks in duplicate and/or with outdated data.


Automate your delivery services

The system calculates the best possible service continually, considering deadlines, available garments, and any other conditions specified by the brand. As the brand directs, the necessary procedures can be automatically carried out: shipping orders, waybills, invoices, and more.


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Ready to use solutions

Choose a solution that resolves the principle needs of the production area of the fashion sector, which is already implemented in other companies similar to yours and that allows you to move forward without needing to innovate technologically. A solution designed for the long term that is highly configurable, that allows you to continually prioritize what is important, and that integrates easily with your other applications.

· ERP for companies in the fashion sector: workshops, workers, deliveries or quality, among others.
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Custom development services

We provide you with the experience, industry knowledge, technology and human resources necessary to develop the solution you need to be more agile and more effective in the critical aspects of your business. Contact us and request a meeting with our technicians to study your company’s case.