Increase your online sales

Every day a greater percentage of the sale of fashion is done through the Internet. All companies in the sector, including SMEs, are very clear about the benefits of e-commerce. But in addition to being involved in e-commerce, it is important to do so with an attractive platform that works efficiently.

As with physical stores, customers feel more comfortable shopping in an easy-to-use online store, with lots of information available and that is visually pleasing. For this, a stable tool with proven success is needed, that works correctly in all the formats used today (Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone) and that adapts easily to the needs of each brand.

Despite being a relatively new channel, online sales cannot be conceived as something independent of the rest of the company, but must be perfectly integrated. Integrated with physical stores, creating what is known as an omnichannel, this offers interesting advantages to customers and the brand itself. Additionally, integrated with the other areas of the company through the ERP, exchanging updated information in real time.

Modify the appearance of your online store in a simple way

Each brand can easily modify the design of their online store to adapt it to their image, taste and needs. In addition, the store is based on a responsive web design, which allows display of the garments optimally in any type of device (such as Desktops, Smartphones, or Tablets) without having to make any additional changes.


Use the most popular ecommerce technology

The most used online store creation technology, compatible with the main payment methods. It works as a free and open source CMS, with a multitude of modules that cover many of the features required by brands in the fashion industry: product inventory management, store geolocation, customizable templates, analysis and reporting, multi-shop management, and more.

Associate your online and offline sales channels

Allow customers to buy clothes online and pick them up at the store or try a garment at a store and order it online in another colour or size that was not available at that time. It also allows the concept of the connected vendor to be implemented: a vendor who also interacts with online customers and promotes sales even when the store is empty.


Show always updated information

The information of the online store is integrated in real time with the ERP of the brand. This automates the transfer of this data between applications, avoids errors derived from having outdated data (stock breaks) and allows a more realistic analysis of the current situation of the company.


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Ready to use solutions

Choose a solution that resolves the principle needs of the online sales area of the fashion sector, which is already implemented in other companies similar to yours and that allows you to move forward without needing to innovate technologically. A solution designed for the long term that is highly configurable, that allows you to continually prioritize what is important, and that integrates easily with your other applications.

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Custom development services

We provide you with the experience, industry knowledge, technology and human resources necessary to develop the solution you need to be more agile and more effective in the critical aspects of your business. Contact us and request a meeting with our technicians to study your company’s case.