The fashion sector is going through a complete transformation as a result of new technologies as well as behavioral changes on the side of the consumers. The constant adaption to this rapidly changing reality is no longer an opportunity for the most innovative enterprises, but instead an undeniable requirement to compete in the current market. This refers to online commerce, but also to new forms of communication between manufacturers, shops and consumers. It is about a logistical management that adapts itself to the increasingly more demanding levels of inventory turnover.

All these changes have led to a big challenge for the organizations in this sector. Changes that affect the complete lifecycle of all products, from the design to the transport, and that are not easy to implement due to the required effort in terms of time, money and innovation.

imatia allows the organizations in the fashion sector to face these challenges with success: to coordinate the work of all departments on the cloud, to improve the logistical processes, to add new sales tools, etc. We ultimately help to increase the competitiveness and profitability. We offer our experience, our assets and our technological capacity in order for the organization to be able to focus itself on the really important areas of the business. Meanwhile, we focus ourselves on the innovation, implementing that which the organization needs in order to keep growing.

Join the technological revolution within fashion

Our solutions for this sector allow for an integral management but also cover the whole lifecycle of fashion, including design, creation, commercialization, purchases, warehousing, distribution, physical (offline) sales, online sales and analysis. Our solutions are applications that integrate the corporate management with new tools that will help you to sell more (virtual catalog, app for commercial agents, advanced TPV, online shop, etc). In this way, no additional effort is needed to maintain and synchronize the data of different applications on a daily basis. Your enterprise already has enough to do by selling and serving orders. Losing time copying data from one system to the other is not optimal.

We have the acquired the necessary sectorial experience in order to be able to talk the same language as our customers, to understand their needs and to create applications that resolve those needs. Our projects in collaboration with a huge multinational in this sector have been a milestone in our history and have facilitated an enormous amount of learning, not only in the area of the fashion business but also on the area of innovation and technology. Other enterprises of smaller size (such as Blanco, Nanos, Egatex, Selmark, Oky-Coky, Naffta, Paz Rodríguez, Varón, etc) have also chosen us as a collaboration partner to improve their processes. We also have very closely collaborated with clusters such as COINTEGA, FEDECON and ATP in innovating projects such as SIMSS and the Demonstration Centre of Fashion Technology. In South America, we have worked for a well-established Ecuadorian sportswear distributor: Marathon Sports.

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Leading products in the fashion sector

We know that every company is unique: different priorities, size, resources, etc. That is why we offer solutions that grow at the same pace as our clients, prioritizing the most important and visible return on investment in the short term. Moreover, our ready-made components and our technology for rapid application development allow us to start from a stable base and make progress reducing costs and implementation time.

The solutions we offer are already working with great success in leading enterprises and can be used practically immediately after their installation. In any case, we are available to resolve specific problems, integrate with other applications and tools. We finally adapt ourselves to the needs of every client.

Want to know more about our solutions for the fashion sector?

The future of the fashion sector

In the fashion sector, innovation is critical. For this reason, in imatia, we do not stop undertaking new challenging projects and improving ourselves as experts in developing software for fashion. One of our most important projects in fashion is a project in collaboration with a huge multinational which is focused on transport management regarding online commerce of all shops on a global level.

Some other projects are about the use of RFID etiquettes for the identification of garment, which offers many advantages regarding traceability, warehousing, paying in the shop and security. imatia is also working on a cloud platform for the interoperability of different organization along the value chain and the integration of the online and offline channels (omnichannel).

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