The energy sector is one of the most important ones for every economy because it directly affects the organizations and the citizens. Therefore, it is also one of the most regulated sectors, in order to ensure that the sectors in those organizations act correctly.

Regarding the distribution of electrical energy, there exists a special concern for the city in which the services are offered services, such as the minimization of power outages. These power cuts are strongly penalized in the payment of the services, which also includes the obligation to present specific reports every time that these cuts take place. One of the main reasons of why power outages occur is because the connections are not sized correctly, causing insufficient energy shortages or, even worse, a surge that breaks the equipment. For the organizations it is also important to be able to accurately detect power theft by illegal hitches.

imatia offers solutions that allows for the automation of many of the tasks within the energy sector that before had to be done manually, such as for example the review of equipment and the capture of data. These solutions do not only allow for the saving of time and resources, but avoiding to a large degree the mentioned cuts in the network and illegal hitches.

Reduce the network cuts and automate its management

Our solutions for the energy sector are focused on the inventory of the network of electricity distribution: cables, veins, maximum energy, geographic localization, etc. The information of every network integrates itself with the solutions and therefore it is possible to realize tracking, to detect every incident and to emit automatic records, including the duration of the cut, effects, etc. Also we offer the opportunity for the organization to perform simulations with which they can find out the effects that an extension on the network would have, if implemented.

We have the sectorial experience that is needed to talk the same language as our clients, understand their needs at a productive level and create applications that resolve those needs. . This solution was developed in collaboration with Applus and implemented in enterprises dedicated to the distribution of electrical energy, such as APYDE, CIDE, BEGASA and Gas Natural.

Other issues applicable to a lot of sectors, but in an remarkable way, the energy sector, it is the prevention of risks related to health, security and environment (HSE). In collaboration with the Dutch enterprise HSEqms, we have developed a product that facilitates the automation of a great part of tasks related to the management of the plans and the prevention of risks related to HSE.

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Leading products in the energy sector

We know that every organization is unique: different priorities, elements, resources, etc. Therefore, we offer solutions that will grow at the same pace as our clients, prioritizing that which is the most important and with a return on investment that is already visible in the short term. At the same time, our already created components and our technology for rapid application development allow us to start based on an established base and reduce the costs and time of implementation.

These are solutions that function with success in leading enterprises and that can be used immediately after being installed. Also, we always offer the possibility to resolve specific problems, integrate with other applications or tools, and to finally adapt our solutions to the needs of every specific client.

If you are interested in our solutions for the energy sector, please contact us.

The future of the energy sector

This sector is loosely related to the concept of a Smart World, which is an improvement for the society in general.

During the last years, multiple alternatives for the creation, distribution and storage of energy have been created, such as renewable energy plants, etc. These new alternatives are a great breakthrough, which lead to a better exploitation of resources and a less negative impact on the environment. However, the management of this generated energy and storing it in an alternative manner, will be more complicated than it now is.

Therefore, in imatia we carry out different R&D projects in order to automate and sensorize all types of components, such as those that form the networks of distributed energy. In the same way, it underlines the importance of Big Data at the time of interpreting and taking advantage of the available information of the processes, which will already be collected by means of the mentioned sensorization and other means.