This is our technology for rapid software development: ontimize

ontimize desarrollo rápido software

The selling and development of software solutions are our two main activities. In order to do this, we have some capabilities that make us exceptionally competitive. Our experience in a wide range of sectors, our reusable software assets and the high qualification of our employees are some of them, but right now we want to talk about the technology that allow us to develop software solutions in a more agile manner: ontimize.

ontimize automates 90% of the code which is the same in all applications. In addition, it integrates all the tools that facilitate the developer’s work: libraries, frameworks, languages… Of course, this enormously agilizes the creation of software, reduces its costs and allows us to respond with more agility to the demands of our clients.

This technology has been created by imatia and is being continuously in order to adapt to all the new developments of the world of software development. In addition, it is an open-source technology that you can download for free. To all enterprises that want to use it in a professional manner, we offer a series of associated services, that range from support, training and warranty, to bespoke development of components and integrating with corporate systems.

In the following video, we would like to explain in a summarized manner what ontimize is, as well as outline some of its main advantages such as the reduction in the development time. For simplicity, we have decided to not talk about the more complex aspects of this advanced technology.

If you would like to receive more information, we recommend contacting us or taking a look at the ontimize website.