The Municipality of Pontevedra applied Electronic Office with imatia

concello pontevedra sede electrónica

Since the 1st of March, the citizens of Pontevedra have a new Electronic Office through which they can inform themselves, perform actions and interact with their municipality without being restricted by schedules or having to leave their houses. All this has been made possible thanks to the willingness of the municipality to commit itself towards a more efficient management of public resources and the well-being of its citizens and trusting in imatia to develop the right solution, by using their platform for public entities: cividas.

The responsibility of the presentation of the Electronic Office was carried by Vicente García Legísima, the Councilor of Interior Regime of the Council of Pontevedra along with Carlos Fernández Villar, who represented imatia. The latter, being the person most responsible for the project, explained the assistants how the electronic office worked and which are the main advantages provided to the citizens as well as the Administration.

concello pontevedra sede electrónica


The electronic office, which is accessible by entering sede.pontevedra.galin an internet browser, consists of a public part and a private part. In the public part 64 different types of procedures are offered right now (population register, general registration, tax register) together with the correct procedures, the documentation necessary to physically perform them and information about in which municipal offices these procedures can be done. It also includes a transparency portal and a digital bulletin board, as well as the possibility to access the documentation and the procedures or to download the rules and regulations of the municipality.

In the private part, the citizens can, after an authentication process, apply online on some of the services offered by the municipality, as well as consult the current state of their procedures and manage their payments. In order to access this private area, the users have to identify themselves using their electronic ID card, digital certificate or by requesting a username and password at the Town Hall. Currently, it is only possible to realize 24 of the existing procedures among which the depiction of the current amount, the declaration of fiscal data, and complaints and suggestions. Nevertheless, it is expected that more complex procedures can be realized soon, such as managing the payment of municipal receipts or performing tasks on the area of Town Planning.

concello pontevedra sede electrónica

Legísima wanted to highlight the great work done by the construction of the Electronic Office as well as the effort made by the public workers. He also emphasized the strategic importance of the Electronic Office for the communication with the citizens, which he called a “legal obligation” but at the same time it has been a wish of the municipality of Pontevedra to improve the lives of their citizens and realize a more effective management for a long time.

The statistics of these first days of the Electronic Office could not be more positive, with a high number of visits both for the public and the private part, without any incidents having been recorded. The mobile version of the Electronic Office works perfectly, with the same functionalities as the desktop version, but with the additional possibility to scan QR codes. In addition, they have applied different improvements, such as the use of the search engine of Google for internal contents, the most static datacache in order to improve the response speed, the configurability level of menus and the content, which can be done by the Administration’s own personnel.

concello pontevedra sede electrónica móvil

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