Develop quality business software 10 times faster

We offer a technology that will allow you to develop and maintain all your applications in less time, with less effort and in a more orderly fashion.

Streamline your applications

Ontimize is the technology we use at Imatia in most of our products and custom development projects. Thanks to Ontimize you will be able to implement and maintain an application that will be:

Applications developed with Ontimize offer a large number of advanced features by default and made in an elegant and easy to use way. Ontimize has been optimized to meet the needs of advanced users while maintaining the simplicity required by new users.

It offers a clean user interface with correct color and brightness balance and minimized response time.

As users become more advanced, they learn intuitively how to filter, sort and group results, create their own queries, forms, graphs, reports and pivot tables. It also allows sharing these components with other users, copying results to Microsoft Excel, attaching documents, integrating data with other web services, accessing document repositories, viewing data within maps, defining intelligent alerts, changing the template of existing screens and reports, defining user permissions, managing different languages and much more.

For the back-end our choice is the Java EE platform, the Spring framework and Docker. On the other hand, for the front-end, we use the Angular framework for web/mobile applications and Java Swing/FX for desktop applications. We also integrate interesting technologies such as Jasper for reporting, jBPM for workflow, Geoserver and Leaflet for maps and many other components.

Declarative development favors configuration over coding, allowing developers to create applications as a combination of predefined components that can be installed, parameterized and customized for multiple uses.

Ontimize provides tools that allow developers to graphically design screens, charts, reports, data services, business rules and processes. It also provides tools that allow developers to migrate their statements from one technology to another, making their software much more manageable and extending its life cycle.

Ontimize is designed so that security is implemented at the framework level. Ontimize also provides audit and control mechanisms by default, so security or performance issues can be easily identified.

Ontimize is completely free and open source, so you won't have to pay any licenses or royalties to create and distribute applications using it.

We charge for our development, training and support services. Thanks to this, we can help you scale your team during the most intensive phases of product development, as well as with architecture, DevOps, security and usability, and generally accompany you throughout the product lifecycle. Hopefully, we will become a trusted innovation partner.

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