Mar 1


Platform for Inspection and Emergencies at Sea

Development of an intelligent maritime safety coordination platform for the fishing fleet. Improved decision making and reduced emergency response times.


Innovation in maritime safety driven by Galician companies

The fishing sector is vital for Galicia. Currently, 15% of the fishing production of the entire European Union is carried out in the Galician coasts. Therefore, from Imatia we decided to find a solution to the main problem suffered by these professionals: safety at sea.

Maritime rescue personnel encounter great problems when dealing with emergencies, especially when it comes to locating people affected by accidents, assessing the situation and coordinating the emergency services to act as soon as possible. This is where the MAR-1 project is born, which integrates and coordinates all the information received by the different systems developed, such as onboard sensors, wearables or the images transmitted in real time by autonomous vehicles (both maritime and aerial).

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