Imatia Fashion


Transforming the fashion industry

We deal with innovation in software applied to fashion, implementing what organizations need to keep growing.


Driving the business

Due to the advent of new technologies and changes in consumer behavior, the fashion industry is undergoing a complete transformation. All these changes are a major challenge for companies in this industry. Changes that affect the entire life cycle of a product, from design to transportation, are not easy for any company to accept because they require time, money and innovation.

Imatia enables companies in the fashion industry to successfully face these challenges: coordinating the work of all their departments in the cloud, improving their logistics processes (RFID, Beacons, GPS, SLAM, etc.), adding new sales tools, etc.

In short, we help you improve your competitiveness and profitability. We bring our experience, our assets and our technical capabilities so that companies can focus on their business.

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