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Discover 5 virtues that will make you fall in love with an application

At Imatia we believe that today it is no longer enough for an application to work, look good and meet a set of functional requirements. At work, people use applications intensively and depend on them to achieve their daily goals and ambitions. 


Engaging APPs

We aspire to create software that engages users to such an extent that they love to use it in their daily lives, making them more productive and happier at work. In our experience, these are the 5 key virtues that make us fall in love with an application.

We aim for user experiences that make people say "wow" and make them feel that someone behind the software loves them too. Engaging applications are not flashy but simple, elegant and intuitive.

Okay, you can fall in love with someone over time, but nothing beats love at first sight. In this sense applications must start fast and have very short response times, especially when users are on the move and even when handling large volumes of data.

Beyond love at first sight, long-term relationships must make practical sense. At the end of the day, the goal is to get things done with as little effort as possible, and we only love things that help us do that. To keep the flame of love alive, apps must evolve and continue to surprise users with new features and capabilities.

What good is love if you can't count on it when you need it most? Applications need to be scalable and secure. Love also has a lot to do with freedom and trust. Users need access to information and functionality available in other systems and services, which may be inside and outside your organization. Doing this effectively is only possible if your application can be integrated with third-party systems in a secure and transparent way.

Implementing business applications can require considerable economic and organizational investments, so most managers want to obtain a return on investment for as long as possible. This occurs in the midst of a changing competitive environment, in which new business and technological challenges must be quickly addressed. Therefore, applications must be easy to evolve and not be overly dependent on the technologies employed.

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