Streamline your business by automating processes

We apply digital technologies to automate the tasks involved in your business processes.


Digital Process Automation

Repetitive tasks that do not add value are fully automated whenever possible.

The use of DPA does not necessarily mean that the entire process is automated. Where employee intervention is still required, we automate the coordination of these tasks by generating work orders.

We eliminate most of the non-productive tasks, since the coordination is performed by the system, and we automate those that cannot be eliminated (integration with external systems, reporting, sending notices...).

Customers (and suppliers) can be integrated into the process, automatically and immediately obtaining and providing the information necessary for their tasks.

Management can consult the status of processes, time spent on each task, performance, bottlenecks, etc. at any time.

Employees do not need to internalize business processes, because the system tells them what to do at all times, providing contextual information.

Business processes are performed exactly as defined by the company.



We identify your business processes and model them through flowcharts (according to BPMN standard).
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We automate the modeled process, so that the necessary tasks are executed as specified.
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We provide applications for your staff to receive work orders and confirm their execution, providing context information (on PC, mobile or tablet).
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We provide you with a scorecard to control the status of your processes, the efficiency of your operations, etc...
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