Public relations and protocol (Cítaro)


Management of contacts and events agenda for PR and protocol departments.

Efficient management of the contact list and institutional events, automating the organized sending of invitations.


Institutional contacts and events

It facilitates the efficient management of individual or collective contacts and institutional events, allowing you to manage invitations and attendees in an orderly and error-free manner.

Contacts can be categorized into related groups that allow the selection of profiles appropriate to the type of acts and events to be promoted.

Each contact has a history of charges, and has a complete information sheet.

It has a system of alarms and warnings in case of duplicities, which facilitates the celebration of events without problems in the calls.


Recibir invitaciones y consultar documentación durante los actos

La plataforma permite que los asistentes a los distintos actos puedan recibir previamente en sus dispositivos las invitaciones, pudiendo acceder al orden del día y la documentación correspondiente, y puedan utilizar la plataforma como complemento de consulta durante la propia celebración de los actos.


Efficient contact and event management

Contact management

Management of institutional events

Management of invitations to events

Tool to prevent duplications and errors in calls for proposals

History of the events held, as well as of the participants.

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