Imatia Warehouse System

Flexibility to adapt to changes in real time

Imatia Warehouse System (IWS) is a product that goes beyond a traditional Warehouse Management System, providing it with extended functionality to an organization’s network of warehouses.


Automation of data collection

IWS was developed from the beginning with flexibility in mind, facilitating dynamic, real-time changes. This design philosophy is embodied in four main pillars, which are described below.

  • IWS uses a novel declarative approach in which material movement flows in the warehouse are not preprogrammed in the system, but are defined graphically through a graphical process editor according to the BPMN standard.
  • In IWS, all decisions are made in real time, searching for paths and locations in the warehouse using artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • The description of the items in the warehouse is in the form of variable parameters as required by the user instead of the traditional static definitions.
  • Storage rules are freely defined based on product characteristics. These rules can be applied to any location or set of locations.

Recibir invitaciones y consultar documentación durante los actos

La plataforma permite que los asistentes a los distintos actos puedan recibir previamente en sus dispositivos las invitaciones, pudiendo acceder al orden del día y la documentación correspondiente, y puedan utilizar la plataforma como complemento de consulta durante la propia celebración de los actos.


Solution to take logistics to the next level

Dynamic changes

The business logic of the warehouse can be modified intuitively and simple, without the need to recompile and deploy a new version.

Visual tracking

The visual tracking of operations is extremely easy, simply by observing graphically how the flow goes from one task to another.


The system is more transparent, allowing new personnel to study the rules of the system by simply observing its flow charts..


Small portions of the storage logic implemented in individual dia- gramms can be conveniently exported between different warehouses.


It can be easily adapted to any warehouse without the need to specifically program a new distribution. This makes it possible to easily manage heterogeneous warehouses.

Path optimization

Optimal path finding without programming fixed and potentially deficient logics, obtaining the optimal location for a given container.

Hot rerouting

No need to program or stop the warehouse, allowing you to use alternative routes in case of failures or performance tests.

Redefinition of hierarchies

Without the need for programming, speeding up warehouse redistributions ("relayouts") or the change of the storage size destined to each rotation.
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