Interactive route management


Guide your users differently

Provides interactive prompts for your users, both outdoors and indoors.


Routes on demand

System that allows you to offer your users or customers routes formed by successive points of interest, providing them with the information you consider in each of them.

The platform allows you to inventory a set of points of cultural or any other type of interest and design routes that go through them. The routes can be preset so that the user can visualize the route in advance, see the points to be found or even know the estimated travel time or dynamics, making the user himself through questions and games to unlock the following points of the route.

The platform allows to know, in a totally anonymous way, the habits in the way of moving of the users and generates statistics on the flows.

The platform can operate independently, geolocating points of interest through Bluetooth beacons.
It includes an app for users that offers the different routes grouped by categories, giving the option to perform any of them and offering the possibility of knowing all the relevant information associated with them.


Organize routes via geolocation or bluetooth devices

Interactive route management allows the configuration of routes both indoors and outdoors or through the geolocation of points of interest, or using bluetooth devices such as beacons. The platform generates statistics on the most visited points, the most interesting routes for citizens and other relevant information.


Recibir invitaciones y consultar documentación durante los actos

La plataforma permite que los asistentes a los distintos actos puedan recibir previamente en sus dispositivos las invitaciones, pudiendo acceder al orden del día y la documentación correspondiente, y puedan utilizar la plataforma como complemento de consulta durante la propia celebración de los actos.


Design of routes, both interior and exterior

Points of interest

Route planning

'Gymkana' mode with questions and games

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