Integration platform with carriers

Unify all your transportation systems/services, both B2C and B2B, on a single cloud platform. Providing your business with the coordination and real-time information advantage vital in the industry. The solutions we offer facilitate and satisfy diverse internal needs and exploit and enhance customer experiences.


Connect your corporate solutions to Imatia Delivery

A multi-carrier solution with which you can manage shipments, returns and have total control over your packages. It will allow you to manage your supply chain in an agile way by optimizing operations, reducing costs and communicating with carriers to manage incidents.


Recibir invitaciones y consultar documentación durante los actos

La plataforma permite que los asistentes a los distintos actos puedan recibir previamente en sus dispositivos las invitaciones, pudiendo acceder al orden del día y la documentación correspondiente, y puedan utilizar la plataforma como complemento de consulta durante la propia celebración de los actos.


Have full control over your packages

Connect your store or ERP to Imatia Delivery

Use our API to make the connection. No matter the number of merchandise origins. All your shipments will be in one place.

Obtain carrier labels

Obtain the labels from the carrier of your choice quickly and efficiently, in a unique format and print them on the printer of your choice.

Tracking status

Provide your customers with the current tracking status of their orders, regardless of the carrier handling the shipment.

Advanced analytics

To discover trends or weak points and optimize the delivery process. Operational control: use of an ID to preserve order integrity, detect incidents or errors in the delivery process.

Reverse logistics (returns)

DropPoints management

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