Fashion (SIMSS)


Technology at the service
of fashion

It is a comprehensive management system for all the processes involved in a fashion industry company: models, collections, styles, materials, sales, purchases, production, warehouse, invoicing, etc.


Technology to sell more with less effort

SIMSS is a platform that integrates all the tools your fashion company needs to sell more with less.

Online store, ERP and mobile app for agents and stores. Everything integrated in real time so that your business does not stop: photos and videos of garments, collections and looks, color charts, orders, deliveries and replacements.

Everything at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you want.


Technology at the service of the fashion industry

SIMSS includes integrated management tools (ERP), online store, multimedia catalog, commercial management (CRM) and mobile orders. All the information handled by these tools (models, colors, sizes, photos, orders, etc.) is shared and synchronized in the cloud, allowing clothing brands, commercial agents, stores and end consumers to always have access to instantly updated information.


All integrated in a single platform

ERP: Specialized textile manager

Advanced POS for stores

CRM for commercial agents

App for Sales Managers

B2B: Multibrand Ecommerce

B2C: Store for end customers

BI Scorecard

Powerful and easy to operate

Success stories

Prefeitura de Valinhos : Gestión de la tramitación interna en el área de Urbanismo / Sede Electrónica: envío telemático de solicitudes y comprobación del estado de tramitación de procesos en curso / Digitalización de fichas catastrales
Diputación de Ponteveda : Gestión de subvenciones, procedimientos de contratación, facturas, planes especiales de inversión y desarrollo... / Sede Electrónica para ofrecer servicios de e-Administración a la ciudadanía
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