Aquaculture (Aqua)


Discover a way to optimize your business performance through automation

Get real-time information about everything that happens in your marine farming and fattening systems. Optimize decision making, automate your processes and improve your productivity.


Real-time information

Our solution translates in real time the information obtained by sensors and other advanced systems present in the plants. This information is presented graphically and easily on various platforms (mobile, tablet, computer, etc). To support decision making.

Our solution allows you to visualize in real time everything that is happening in your aquaculture company, from the conditions in which marine species live to their activity and state of health. The data provided by sensors and other advanced systems present in the plants are captured by the solution to be displayed in a graphical and simple way, through different devices: desktop, cell phones, screens, etc. In this way, data collection is automated and decision making by production management personnel is optimized, allowing them to have real and objective information at all times, regardless of production volume or the number of existing plants.


Recibir invitaciones y consultar documentación durante los actos

La plataforma permite que los asistentes a los distintos actos puedan recibir previamente en sus dispositivos las invitaciones, pudiendo acceder al orden del día y la documentación correspondiente, y puedan utilizar la plataforma como complemento de consulta durante la propia celebración de los actos.


Solution for informed decision making

Knowledge of environmental conditions

Knowledge of species conditions

Knowledge of the condition of your tanks

Optimizes the growth of marine species

Standardizes the way of working

Complies with traceability regulations

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