Process automation

Digital Process Automation

Digital technologies to automate tasks in your business processes

The use of DPA allows repetitive, non-value-added tasks to be fully automated, wherever possible. And when employee intervention is still required, we automate the coordination of these tasks by generating work orders.


Advantages of the DPA approach

Reduce costs

We eliminate most of the non-productive tasks and automate those that cannot be eliminated (reports, sending of notices, etc.).

Customer satisfaction

Customers and suppliers can be integrated into the process, obtaining and providing the necessary information for their tasks.

More information available

The management can consult at any time the status of the processes, the time spent on each task, bottlenecks, etc.

Lower labor impact

Employees do not need to internalize business processes, because the system tells them what to do at all times.

Standardizes operations

Business processes are performed exactly as defined by the company, which standardizes operations.

How we implement DPA in your company


We identify your business processes and model them through flowcharts (according to BPMN standard).
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Step 1


We automate the modeled process, so that the necessary tasks are executed as specified.
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Step 2


We provide applications for your staff to receive work orders and confirm their execution, providing context information (on PC, mobile or tablet).
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Step 3


We provide you with a scorecard to control the status of your processes, the efficiency of your operations, etc...
Step 4

Fast and efficient development

We apply an approach based on technologies that automate our work, reducing both the cost for the client and the solution implementation time. 

Ontimize is our rapid software development technology, which allows us to implement your data model and the transactional part of your business logic reliably and in a short time.

We implement your business processes directly on our BPMN engine. We adapt the user interfaces to your processes, also thanks to Ontimize.

We integrate and package these components into a unified solution for your business.

We start by identifying and modeling your business processes.

Each block of the BPMN process is a task, to be executed automatically or by an employee, depending on its nature.

Our process engine is in charge of executing each process as we have defined it with you in the previous step.

  • Automatic tasks are executed immediately by a computer.
  • For manual tasks, a work order is automatically sent to the corresponding employee.
  • You can permanently monitor executed, pending and active tasks, etc.

In the employee's application, he/she is shown, in the form of individual "cards", the tasks to be performed (work orders).

By clicking on each card, a window opens in which the employee is provided with the necessary data to execute the task, and the result of the execution can be reported.

You have indicators of process progress, performance, incidents and other key indicators (KPIs).

We can create multiple scorecards tailored to your company's needs (for management, team leaders or other middle management).

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