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If you are an organization that needs to develop your own applications or you are facing a big challenge, Imatia, as a company specialized in software development, has identified the keys to be more efficient. We have grouped them into a formula called START, whose acronym stands for: Standard, Team, Agile, Rapid and Transparent.

At Imatia we have everything you need to make your project a success. We offer services that adapt to the characteristics of your organization, whether you want to delegate your projects or you are looking for collaboration. Discover them right now and contact us, without obligation.

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When it comes to software development, we are committed to standard, solid, well-documented technologies that facilitate development. We avoid unproven technologies and fads.

We provide a team experienced in the designated technologies that can take on all or part of the work. We adopt flexible configurations where we provide complete teams with their own project managers, technical leads and developers or teams that complement other larger teams.

We use agile methodologies that allow us to consolidate functionality and components progressively. Your business experts collaborate closely and constantly with the development team.

We use tools that facilitate the rapid development of applications, in particular, we offer you to use our Ontimize framework, which accelerates development and is based on standard and free technologies.

We agree that the customer must know what is happening at all times. We apply continuous integration so that you can evaluate the evolution and know the latest versions of the products.

Low – Code Development

Develop your own applications

Develop your applications in less time, in a more orderly fashion and with less effort.

We offer a technology that will allow you to develop and maintain all your applications in less time, with less effort and in a more orderly manner. We manage to eliminate conventional manual programming. Focusing on the real problems and interests of each client.


Applications are designed and developed faster.


Our technology has a short learning curve. It is easy to use and edit.


Your projects will have lower costs because you will use a fast and easy environment.


Our support guarantees a quick resolution of incidents.


As these are simple developments, there is a complete maximization of the options provided.

Legacy application modernization

Our team can help you

Do you need to technologically renew your Legacy applications?

We offer you a team specialized in modern and standard technologies to technologically upgrade your applications. We will form a mixed team that will work with agile methodologies and continuous integration to achieve a fast evolution of your applications.



Te ofrecemos servicios que se adaptan a las características de tu organización, tanto si quieres delegar tus proyectos, como si buscas una colaboración. Descúbrelos ahora mismo y ponte en contacto con nosotros, sin compromiso. ¿Comenzamos?

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