SENIOR-TV platform presentation during the last general assembly

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The SENIOR-TV project is on the final stage. On March 28th, our colleagues Sira López, Yago Martínez and Cibrán Ledo participated in the final general assembly took place in Bucharest. During the meeting, the platform definitive version was presented and the third pilot initial results were discussed.

SENIOR-TV is an interactive open television platform focussed people over 65 who live alone in their own homes. The platform includes formal and informal services aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly, reducing their isolation and promoting an active and healthy life.

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The project is currently carrying out the third pilot with people from three countries: Cyprus, Romania and Slovenia. During this pilot the final version of the platform is being tested. In addition to health parameter control services, SENIOR-TV includes some informal services such as social networks, video conference, video repository, news and events visor, as well as cognitive rehabilitation and entertainment games.