imatia receives the Galician Industry Prize for innovation

Innovation is the element which has always taken an fundamental role among the activities of our enterprise, has been the cause of why imatia finds itself between the awarded organizations in this first edition of the Galician Industry Prizes. The announcement was made recently by the Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros…
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Autoport: automated vehicles for seaports

One of our main areas of R&D is automatic navigation and within this area there is one project called the Autoport project. This project is aimed at the creation of the technologies required for the automation of stowage operations of boats known as roll-on/roll-off or Ro-Ro. The constant increase in…
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The Municipality of Nigrán reaches paperless Government

A council growing but small size able to be more efficient and reduce processing times thanks to the progressive implementation of eGovernment, starting with the most priority procedures, adapting to the way of working of its employees and ensuring the economic viability of draft. THE PROBLEM TO SOLVE Nigrán is…
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GCiencia ciencia galicia

GCiencia news portal dedicates an article to Imatia

The main news portal on science in Galicia (Spain), GCiencia, contacted us recently to write an article devoted to the history and present of Imatia and the ICT sector in general. The story revolves around a personal interview with the CEO of Imatia, Fernando Vazquez, who talks about topics such…
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