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The presence of imatia in Brazil has not stopped growing since the beginning of its collaboration with the Town Hall of Valinhos in 2013. Valinhos is a locality of 100.000 inhabitants belonging to Gran São Paulo, which has decided to implement cividas in their area of Town Planning and adopt its electronic office. Moreover, they had to face the challenge of digitizing 50.000 cadastral records and automatically capturing all contained information.

abemtic brasil municipios tic

Resulting from this project and with the objective to strengthen ties with the Brazilian entities that have to face the challenge of implementing  e-government in the country, the collaboration between imatia and the ABEMTIC (Brazilian Association of Municipal Entities ICT) was born. The ABEMTIC is a co-operation since 2005 which brings together a number of public organizations related to the ICT sector, while promoting technical and administrative cooperation between its members coming from all the corners of Brazil. From now on, imatia will be an official sponsor of this important association, to which we can contribute our broad experience the goal of improving the efficiency of the Brazilian administrations, the level of development of their ICT sector and, finally, the quality of life of the Brazilian citizens.

With the objective of improving the services offered to its clients and capturing new opportunities in the emerging Brazilian market, imatia has decided to open a subsidiary in this large country, choosing the city of  São Paulo as its first location on the American continent.

abemtic brasil municipios tic

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