Exkal turns 10 years in top form and has chosen imatia for the improvement of their production system

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  • Exkal turns 10 years in top form and has chosen imatia for the improvement of their production system
exkal fabrica marcilla navarra

Exkal, a company specialized in the production of commercial refrigerators, reaches its first decade of life in full glory and in the middle of a radical 8 million euro transformation of its main production location, located in the town of Marcilla in Navarra.

The project, which has started in March 2015 and will finish in August of this year, changes the plant in a factory 4.0, which will double or even triple the current production in mid-term. “We have started designing, developing and implementing a parametric production system similar to the one that today´s mass producers use and adapted it in order to apply it to small series in multi production lines and mixed production”, said Alfonso Antoñanzas, the General Director.


The largest part of the investment of 8 million has been dedicated to the development of a transformation called “lean management”. This is a model of management focused on reaching a larger level of efficiency, eliminating waste and producing the required product based on demand, without defects and in a profitable manner. As a result, a significant increase in staff and sales is estimated.

exkal fabrica marcilla navarra

In order to reach this, it was necessary to develop and implement innovating mechanical instruments and software. For this, Exkal has decided returning to imatia and using its product line for enterprises, elastic business, as it already has been doing since 2012. Before, we have helped them improve their processes of budgeting and quartering, as well as the production process and their activities ranging from design to sales and after-sales.

exkal muebles frigorificos

Exkal will reach ten years this July, but despite this, they are already positioned as sales leader in their sector. In addition, their exports to countries such as France, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, China and the United Arab Emirates, represent 40% of the sales. Exkal is a large company, with which we are proud to work and collaborate with and, in addition, we are proud of its growth through our software products.

exkal muebles frigorificos