During the last years, Electronic Government has become an important demand for every public entity. Authorities that implement E-Government, immediately experience a great improvement in administrative efficiency. Even more important are the demands by the citizens, who are increasingly more accustomed to using new technologies in their personal relationships, both professional and commercial, so why should the relationship with their municipality, deputation or autonomous community be any different? At the same time, the economic crisis has significantly cut the available funds for Public Administration. Therefore is it even more necessary to use this available funds in the most efficient manner if you want to maintain or improve the services provided to the citizens. In other words: to do more with less.

In imatia, we help public administrations to obtain this efficiency, allowing them to realize a better volume, to perform internal formalities in less time, to reduce costs and to improve the quality of life of public employees. We also help to improve the relationship with the citizens, with new communication lines that inform the offered services for the entity and facilitate the access to these.

Experts in the modernization of public administration

We have been working in the field of administrative modernization since over 10 years. A period in which we have helped many public entities to transform their internal management and their relationship with the citizens, by applying the technologies to be more efficient. Further, we have created a production line and a methodology for this modernization to be achieved in a more rapid, simple and economic manner.

In the field of E-Administration, everything started with the Municipality of Vigo, where they already had the vision of becoming more economically sustainable back in the year 2000 by taking advantages of information technologies in order to automate the task of maintaining records, liberate their technicians of the main routine tasks and improve the coordination of the work.

This allowed them to process more records in less time without having hire more personnel. At the same time it improved their motivation and availability to the citizens regarding particularly complex matters. Likewise, they allowed citizens to directly interact with the Administration through the internet, reducing the need for them to have to physically move to the Municipality to resolve basic questions. We suspect this to be important save of resources in care.

The success that was achieved in those first projects opened doors to other Galician municipalities, of which some consist of commonwealths, such as in the area between the cities of Vigo and O Salnes. After that, we had the pleasure of doing the same for other Galician municipalities such as Ourense, Pontevedra, Ferrol and A Coruña, the reputations of Pontevedra and A Coruña, and including independent organisms of the Xunta de Galicia, such as the CRTVG or the Institute of Housing and Land. Outside of Galicia we have worked for Castilla y León and for the Municipality of San Sebastián, and even for a Brazilian city called Valinhos which is located near São Paulo with 100.000 inhabitants.

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Leading products in e-Government

Our solutions are focused on solving the primary needs of the public administration such as those on the area to the management of records and the relationship with the citizen. We have modules, tools and procedures that serve as a base upon which to build solutions efficiently and integrate them with the rest of the Administrations´ systems, independent of the major departments (town planning, taxes, etc) as well as specific solutions on the areas of subsidies, social services, employment, contraction, incidents, etc.

We know that flexibility is very important. During day to day activities, the public employees might encounter issues that prevent them from obtaining the exact method of processing a record. Many products for the management of records fail because they are too rigid meaning that once the procedures determined, employees cannot deviate from those rigid procedures. This enormously complicates the definition of the procedures, because it forces the employees to contemplate all the possibilities and change the definitions of the procedures every time that a new situation arises.

In imatia, we believe that these employees know how to do their work and know how to take responsibility in a way that allows them to execute the new procedures, modify the order in which they take place and execute and repeat etc. All this can then be done in a controlled manner while maintaining a detailed register of all realized actions.

Our solutions are created on an established and proven base, that allows a heightened level of configuration and gives a lot of freedom to the responsible informaticians in order to integrate with other systems and introduce custom-made functionalities. These are easy solutions to implement, based on open-source technological standards.

Want to know more about our solutions for the Public Administration?

The future of the Public Administration

While Electronic Administration allows for the spectacular increase of efficiency within these entities, a large part of the decisions they take on a daily basis is based on intuition. Smart Government is an initiative in which imatia collaborates with other enterprises and public administrations to develop a platform that allows to simulate all the information that is available about the citizens, enterprises, resources and assets, in order to help the responsible politicians to take decisions based on facts.

It will also allow them to change the way in which the Administration relates itself to other administrations and citizens, converting them in an intelligent city.