More and more people spend much of the day working with a computer or mobile device. For these people to be productive and happy in their work, the applications have to be attractive, powerful, flexible and easy to use, but above all they have to help them achieve their goals effectively.

In Imatia we create management applications that are nice, fast and ergonomic, but above all they are designed to drastically facilitate the work of people who use them every day, automating repetitive tasks and helping them make the best decisions.

We have ready-made solutions for use in such important sectors as fashion, industrial production and city councils. These solutions cover a large part of the most common processes in these sectors, but in a world where differentiation is key, these are open solutions that can be easily configured, adapted and extended.

For the most innovative initiatives, we have a rapid software development platform based on open source standards such as Java and Angular, which provides the components and basic functionality typically required by a management application: forms, graphs, reports, workflow, document management, permits, business logic... This is the platform with which we develop our sector solutions and customized solutions for clients. In addition to greatly accelerating development, it facilitates the incorporation of new programmers and teamwork.

And not least, people. We have a highly qualified team that shares a culture focused on excellence and service to customers.

Discover our solutions, technology and services.

imatia es una empresa especializada en el desarrollo rápido de software para empresas y administraciones públicas, ofreciéndose no sólo como proveedor de soluciones a medida, sino como socio tecnológico o “departamento de I+D+i externo”.

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