In order to produce a product in an efficient manner, we need some well designed processes, tools and experience. It becomes even more important when talking about living beings. People that work with living beings often need some time to controll all these factors, but when certain volumes are reached, the situation becomes impossible to handle in a professional manner.

In imatia, we have software products especially for the aquaculture sector which have been tested in different companies. We offer the possibility to implement an information system designed for this type of business, specialized in the organization of the complex productive processes this sector has, automating tasks and supplying the required information based on which the organization can make the best possible decisions. These are solutions designed to do more with less and that take advantage of the latest technology advances which allow the organization to differentiate itself from its competition.

Manage the entire lifecycle of marine species

Our solutions for this sector cover the basic needs of any organization (purchase, sales, administration, finances, traceability, inventory management, etc), but it also includes specific modules to fulfill the particular needs of organizations in the aquaculture sector, such as diet and alimentation, management of growth, pathologies, movement of fish, regulations, etc. Thanks to these functionalities it is possible to automate a large number of tasks and always have access to the most recent information, without having to spend a large amount of resources and without human errors.

We have the sectorial experience that we need in order to talk the same language as our people, understand their needs and create applications to resolve them. These are clients such as Insuiña and Acuinova, which are both part of the Pescanova Group. More recent clients are Stolt Sea Farm, Aquacría Arousa and Galician Marine Aquaculture. In those organizations, we have implanted systems to improve the processes of the growth and fattening of different marine species, among which the turbot, the sole, the sturgeon and the abalone.

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Leading products in the aquaculture sector

We know that every enterprise is unique, different priorities, elements, resources, etc. Therefore, we offer solutions that will grow at the same pace as our clients, prioritizing the most important and with a return on investment that is visible on the short term. At the same time, our already created components and our technology for rapid application development allow us to start based on an established base and reduce the costs and time of implementation.

These are solutions that function with success in leading enterprises and that can be used practically from the moment of their installation. We also offer the possibility to resolve specific problems, integrate with other application and tools and we always adapt ourselves and our solutions to the needs of the client.

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The future of the aquaculture sector

We have personally witnessed the volumes of the rapid increase in the production. Organizations in this sector increasingly work with a bigger number of plants, which then requires more automatization and more sensors. They also need to make decision based on a better business intelligence that allow them to analyse the variations of prices and obtain more profit.

Many steps in order to reach those goals have already been taken, but there is no doubt that there is still a lot to gain on the areas of artificial intelligence, mobility, efficient energy and sustainability. Further, there are logistical challenges that offshore aquaculture plants face.