About us

We offer software products and services that help companies and governments all over the world increase their productivity so that they can do more in less time with existing resources.

The companies and governments that we work with are experts in their sectors and know how important software is for their business. However, instead of dedicating resources to build a software team, they prefer to focus on their business and search for a technical partner or provider that can fill this need.

These organisations contribute the experience in their sector and we the knowledge and technical resources, including the work of many professionals. To be able to be more efficient in our work, we count on a technology that allows us to design software of a professional quality in record time. In this way the programmers of Imatia or of our clients can save a lot of time in repetitive tasks and focus on the creative and differentiating part of the software.

Some of our clients have very specific needs and contract our services to design completely custom solutions. Others prefer to buy ready to use, tried-and-tested, off the shelf solutions. From all of these clients, we have accumulated solid experience in various sectors including e-Government, fashion distribution, logistics, industrial production, transport, telecommunications and insurance; among others.

Founded in 2005 in Europe (Spain), Imatia currently has a presence all over the world, including a subsidiary in São Paulo. We work with leading organisations in their respective sectors, in some cases forming strategic alliances with other companies where we become technology partners or work as an external RD&I department.

Our staff is made up of more than 100 employees, largely comprised of Computer, Telecommunications and Industrial Engineers. All of them participate not only in our usual projects for clients but also in our constant RD&I activity, where we focus on new technologies applicable to the fields of Industry 4.0 and Smart World.

The excellence and quality in what we do are our foremost principles, offered through a close, personalised and transparent service where the problems of our clients always receive our utmost attention and a response as quickly as possible.

imatia es una empresa especializada en el desarrollo rápido de software para empresas y administraciones públicas, ofreciéndose no sólo como proveedor de soluciones a medida, sino como socio tecnológico o “departamento de I+D+i externo”.