Custom software for innovative people

That allows you to do more with less.

To optimize your organization's results.

That allows you to automate repetitive work.

To focus on what really matters.

That allows you to increase employees´ motivation.

To obtain customer's maximum satisfaction.

Applying the latest technologies and working methods

Business and process-oriented applications.

Desktop, web, mobile, tablet, TV and car.

Experts in Java and HTML5.

Top-down methodology, agile development...

Thanks to a revolutionary technology

That allows us to develop software

↑ faster

↓ less effort

And for those who don't want to start from scratch...

elastic business

Corporate solutions for integrated management that allow increasing productivity by automating many processes, including advanced modules for manufacturing, purchasing, sales, traceability, quality, industrial logistics, customer relations, project portfolio and dashboards.

elastic business includes industry solutions (fashion, aquaculture, engineering ...) that take advantage of the knowledge provided by our partners and scalable solutions that enable companies to grow as their needs grow, by creating new and innovative modules that are easily integrated into existing systems.

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Solutions aimed at Government and Public Administration, ranging from the implementation of e-Government, to the management of specific areas (grants and subsidies, social services, contracts and tenders, employment agencies and local authorities).

The e-Government platform cividas e-GOV provides the basis for all these solutions and has everything that is needed for the introduction of new technologies and working methods that improve the internal processing management (case management) and citizen services (Service Catalogue, Electronic Headquarters ...), while providing the government team with powerful tools (control panel and indicators, graphic modeling of processes and procedures ...).

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Warehouse logistics

Transport and Railway

Insurance and banking


Assistance to disabled




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